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Must Read These 50 Moral Stories in English for Kids

Must Read These 50 Moral Stories in English for Kids

Storytelling and reading are the oldest and most powerful methods of teaching-learning. Cultures around the world have always used fiction/tales to pass on beliefs, traditions, and history to the future generation. Stories enhance imagination, act as a bridge between storytellers and listeners, and create a common ground for listeners in a multicultural society.

The purpose of storytelling and reading is to develop in the long run an understanding of contemporary life as well as an understanding of contemporary life, seeing its role in it, understanding different situations through discussion about the characters, and behaving accordingly. The pleasure of listening to the story is supreme and everything else is spontaneously accomplished with a worthwhile effort. Human beings have a natural ability to teach, explain and entertain using spoken language, which is why the use of storytelling is extremely prevalent in everyday life.

Must Read These 50 Moral Stories in English for Kids

The Story of The Cat and The Sick Hen / Moral Stories in English

The Story of The Cat and The Sick Hen
The Story of The Cat and The Sick Hen

The story begins with a cat who is a very man-eater. The cat loved the chickens very much. She used to eat them with great gusto. Wherever the hen’s chicks were seen, they were caught and killed and eaten.

Seeing this act of that cat, all the chickens were very upset. All the chickens used to hide from it to protect their babies. But the cat used to swoop down and eat their children after getting a chance from anywhere.

Once upon a time, a chicken fell ill. So the cat thought, let’s show sympathy.
She went to the chicken and said – Oh sister! Listen, you are very sick, then say that I will help you a bit.

The chicken said – what can you help me?

The cat said – I can take care of your family! I can feed your children.

Hearing this, the hen said to the cat – “If you have to help us! So stay away from our family and us! Because I am well aware of your exploits. So get out of here.
Hearing this, the cat went back with its bowed head.

Friends, we learn from this story that we should never trust the wishes and sympathy of our enemy. Because they do not come to us thinking well of us, but come to us to take advantage of our helplessness.

The story of the king and the sweet-voiced bulbul

That was years ago…. A king lived in a city. Along with the subjects, he also loved animals and birds and animals very much. The king was very fond of raising them. The animal that the king liked, he used to keep in his palace.

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There was a huge garden next to the king’s palace. In it, a Bulbul used to sing a song in a very melodious voice. The king was very happy to hear the melodious voice of Bulbul. The king liked his melodious voice so much that he ordered his minister to catch that bulbul and bring it. The minister worked hard all day with his soldiers and finally caught that bulbul and locked it in a cage and brought it in front of the king.

Being imprisoned in the cage, Bulbul became very sad. Now she stopped singing right as well as stopped eating and drinking.

Seeing this, the queen felt very pity, and one day she freed that bulbul from that cage. Now the king became very sad after not hearing the voice of Bulbul. Gradually he fell ill and started lying on the bed.

One day Bulbul came to the palace to repay the queen’s favor and started singing a song while sitting at the window. The king was very happy to hear this. Now that Bulbul used to come to the window of the king and queen’s room every evening and go away singing a song. Hearing the sound of Bulbul, the king gradually became healthy. Now the king also understood why Bulbul did not sing well when she was in the cage. Because freedom is a very precious thing. Which everyone should get equally.

The story of a small bird’s vision

Once upon a time….. along with many birds, a small bird named “Ababeel” was also flying. Ababil was well known for his foresight. All those birds were flying over a farmer’s field while flying. The farmer was sowing seeds in his field.

Ababil said to all the birds – let’s go, the farmer who is sowing the seed, take out that seed and throw it away because it is becoming a flax seed.

All the birds ignored the words Ababil and said – what have we to do with what the farmer is saying! We mean ourselves.

Ababil explained, “He is sowing the seeds of flax! When these plants grow, ropes will be made from them, and by making nets from those ropes, these farmers will kill us by trapping them in that net. Listen to me and throw these seeds out or else you will regret it a lot!

None of the birds paid any heed to the words of Ababil, and all the birds flew away to their nest.

After some time, plants emerged from those seeds, ropes were made from the plants, and nets were woven from those ropes. Now those nets were spread all over the place. All the birds that were caught in the net were caught, who did not pay heed to the words of the savior.

That’s why it is said that if you are careful before the incident, then you can avoid that incident somewhere.

Funny Story of Cap Man and Monkey

This story begins with a “Cap Man” who used to buy caps from the city and sell them from village to village. His art of selling hats was a lot of fun. That cap guy takes the hat in a loud voice! Take off the hat! He used to say Hearing his voice, many people used to buy hats from him.

It is a matter of one day….. when the cap guy was buying caps and taking them from town to village to sell. It was a hot summer day and it was very sunny. The cap man was very tired too. On the side of the road was a big tree. Under it, the cap man planned to rest and began to rest by placing his bag full of hats. While resting, his eyes fell and he fell asleep.

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There were many monkeys on the same tree. They were all too much devil and imitative monkeys. Seeing the topi man sleeping, he got down and opened his bag and took all the caps and climbed the tree and one by one all the monkeys wore them. Now all the monkeys started playing wearing caps and started clapping loudly. Hearing their applause, the cap guy woke up from his sleep! So he saw that monkeys were playing with all their caps.

An idea came to the hat man’s mind. He called out to all the monkeys and took off his hat and threw it away. Seeing him taking off the cap and throwing it away, the copycat monkeys also took off their hats and threw them.

The cap guy collected all the hats and went on his way. In this way, on the strength of his intelligence, that cap person took back his cap from those rogue monkeys.

“Gold Tree” Story of a Fisherman

There used to be a fisherman named Ramu in a village. He made his living by selling fish. One day when he was catching fish in the pond, suddenly his net burst, and all the fish came out of his net. Ramu became very sad seeing this. Ramu did not get a single fish that day. When he reached home in despair, his wife asked – why did not bring vegetables from the market today?
Ramu replied – Today while catching fish, the net broke and not a single fish was caught.
Hearing this, his wife started shouting loudly and taunting him that he cannot stay hungry every day, if you do not bring vegetables from the market tomorrow, then he will go to my maternal home. Hearing this, Ramu became even sadder.
The next day he went fishing with a fork kept in the house. From morning till evening, not a single fish got stuck in his thorn. When the day came to pass, a fish got stuck in its thorn. Seeing this, Ramu was very happy and started taking him to sell in the market. On the way, he saw an old woman, who was suffering from hunger.
Seeing the fish in Ramu’s hand, the old woman said to him – Son, if you had given this fish to me, I would have cooked and eaten it and my hunger would have ended. Hearing this, Ramu felt pity and gave the fish to the old woman.
In exchange for the fish, the old lady gave Ramu a small plant. When Ramu reached home with the plant, his wife again asked – why did not you bring vegetables from the market today?
So Ramu told everything to his wife. Hearing all these things, his wife started turning yellow with anger and said tomorrow morning I will go to my maternal home, I will not be able to live with you anymore. Saying this she went to sleep.
Ramu planted that plant in his courtyard at night and slept. When Ramu woke up in the morning, he went to the plant to give him water. As soon as he approached the plant, his happiness knew no bounds because the plant had grown up and had become completely gold. Seeing the golden plant, Ramu shouted loudly – Hey you hear! Look this! His wife came and was very happy to see the gold plant. Ramu and his wife thanked the old woman in their hearts and started living their life with pride and pomp by selling that gold plant in the market.

The story of the child of the wolf and the stork

Once upon a time, once in a forest, a wolf went out to hunt. In search of prey, he entered the hollow trunk of a thick tree, where he saw a large egg. The wolf thought, “Let us satisfy our hunger by eating eggs.” As soon as he put that egg in his mouth, a small stork baby came out of that egg. Seeing the baby stork, the wolf felt pity. He did not eat it and took it away with him. The stork’s child started living with the wolf. The wolf would bring food for the stork’s baby and feed it with a loving caress. Slowly the stork’s child started growing up. He used to catch fish from the nearby lake and eat it with the wolf. The life of both was going through a lot of fun. One day when the wolf was catching the fish, suddenly his foot slipped and he started falling down with the waterfall. The baby stork flew and caught the wolf. But he could not bear the weight of the wolf and both of them started falling down very fast. Suddenly two big cranes caught the wolves and saved them and kept them on the shore. Seeing those two big cranes, the wolf understood that it was the parents of the little crane. He asked the younger crane to go with the two elder cranes but the younger crane was not getting ready to go with his parents. Then the wolf told him the truth and hugged him and said that your parents will take more care of him than me and you will be happy in your family. Hearing all these things, the little stork flew into the sky with his parents. The wolf kept looking at them until they disappeared from his eyes. The wolf also happily went to his home.

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The story of the faithful dog

Once upon a time! A Seth was going to the market. On the way, he saw that several dogs were biting a small puppy together. Seth ji drove those dogs away and brought the puppy to his house in a wounded condition. Seth Ji got that puppy treated and he got well soon. Seth ji took him up at his home. He always used to stay at Seth Ji’s house and used to eat only the food given to him. Slowly the puppy grew up. Now wherever Seth Ji used to go, he would also take that dog with him.

Once upon a time, when Seth Ji was returning home after selling his goods from the market, two miscreants stopped Seth Ji and started snatching money from him forcibly at a secluded place on the way. When Seth Ji opposed this, the miscreants started threatening to kill him by showing him a knife. Seeing the miscreants snatching the money, the dog attacked both the miscreants and started biting them vigorously with his teeth. Seth Ji was now free from the clutches of the miscreants. He started screaming loudly and asking for help. Seth Ji’s dog was still biting those two miscreants. Suddenly a miscreant took out a knife and killed that dog and that dog died there. By then, hearing the sound of Seth Ji shouting, many people gathered there and caught both the miscreants and beat them up, and sent them to jail.

The way Seth Ji had saved that dog’s life. In the same way, that dog also sacrificed his life to save life of that Seth with his loyalty.

Story of crocodile and pandit

That was a long time ago. Once a pandit ji was going back to his home after getting worshiped by one of his judges. There was a river on the way. Pandit ji started resting under a tree on the bank of the river. Suddenly he saw a crocodile, in whose mouth a big bone was hanging. The crocodile said to the pandit ji crying – If you remove this bone from my mouth, then I will be very grateful to you because I am suffering a lot because of this.

Hearing this, Panditji felt pity and decided to remove the bone from the mouth of that crocodile. As soon as Panditji took out the bone from the crocodile’s mouth, the crocodile did not swoop and grabbed Panditji’s leg and started laughing loudly and laughingly said – you are trapped in my net, I will eat you now.

Hearing this, Pandit ji got nervous and said in panicked feeling, this is injustice! We should go to a judge. Whatever he decides, we will accept it. The crocodile obeyed Pandit ji, and both of them went to a wise fox. The fox listened to both of them and after thinking for a while said – Pandit ji! If you put a bone in the crocodile’s mouth and take it out once more, then I will believe that you have pulled the bone out of the crocodile’s mouth!

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Pandit ji did exactly the same and stuck a big bone in the mouth of the crocodile. As soon as Pandit ji trapped the bone, the fox said – Now let it be like this, Pandit ji! This crocodile is very wicked and cunning. He had implicated you with his cunning, now he must be punished for his actions. The crocodile started crying after hearing this and apologized to Pandit ji for his mistake. But Panditji, who was aware of his wickedness, did not help him and left him in the same condition. The crocodile was really trapped by his cunning.

That’s why it is said by friends that the person who helps you should never do bad to him.

Story of two fishes

There was a lake in a forest. In which two fish lived. There was a lot of friendship between the two of them. One of the fish was very intelligent and used to do everything thoughtfully and intelligently. Whereas, on the contrary, the other fish did not believe in karma and believed only in luck. He believed that whatever is destined will be there.

The wise fish used to roam around the pond and collect its food, while the other fish used to sit with the help of its luck and eat whatever little it got as its fortune.

Once upon a time, two men came to the bank of the lake. They were talking among themselves that tomorrow all the fish from this lake would be caught and sold in the market. The wise fish was listening to these things, and he quickly came and told everything to the other fish. The wise fish decided to leave the lake. While the other fish said – go where you want to go, I will not go anywhere, whatever will be in my fate, it will remain the same. I will not leave this lake.

The first fish left the lake. The next day the fishermen came. He threw the net and caught that other fish along with all the fish, he was very upset but the fishermen killed him and sold him in the market.

That’s why it has been said that everything does not happen just by sitting all over fate. To do something good, first, you have to do karma, after that something good happens in life. Those who sit on the basis of luck are always disappointed.

Story of magic mill

It is a very old issue. Two brothers used to live in Sonpur village. The elder brother was very rich and wealthy. There was no trouble in his life because he was very rich. His family members also used to be very happy with him. The younger brother was very poor. He did not have money to eat, he was somehow making a living from his house by working hard. One day he could not bring food grains from the market due to lack of work, so he thought why not ask his elder brother for help? Thinking this, he went to the elder brother’s place for help if the elder brother scolded him and drove him away. The younger brother was coming home sad. While walking on the way he met an old man.

The old man asked him – son, you are looking very sad, what is the matter?

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The younger brother told the whole thing, hearing all these things, the old man took him to his house and gave him a stone mill and said – whatever you ask by turning the mill, this mill will bring that material in front of you. The younger brother took that mill to the house and brought him a lot of food and drink. Soon the younger brother became richer than the elder brother. He used to spin that mill daily to extract a lot of grain and earn a lot of Ashrafi by selling it in the market. Seeing his progress, greed started arising in the mind of the elder brother. He made a plan to steal the mill from him and take out the grain himself and sell it in the market. But that magic mill had understood the greed of the elder brother. That’s why the mill didn’t make even the slightest sound. Seeing the grain not coming out, the elder brother got very angry and broke the mill and thought that if the mill is broken, the younger brother will become poor again. But the younger brother worked with dedication and devotion and without the help of a mill, he became a very rich person in a very short time.

Loyal Dog Story 2

This story is inspired by a true incident. Recently a woman lived in a city. One day when the woman was returning home with vegetables from the market, she found a dog puppy lying in the drain on the way. He brought that puppy to the house. Cleaned him and fed him and then left him in the street. But the dog kept coming to that woman’s house again and again. The woman also fed him daily. Slowly he started growing up. Now when the weather changed, the woman also started making many arrangements for him according to the season, like making a small house for him to avoid the rain. So that it can be protected from rain and sun. Gradually, the attachment of that dog’s puppy to the woman increased.

It is a matter of one day that the health of that woman suddenly deteriorated. When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors told her that she had been infected with the coronavirus, and if the medicine was not taken soon, the woman could die. The family members of the woman got her admitted to the hospital but she died within a few days. The family members of the woman took her to a nearby Muktidham to perform her last rites. When the woman was being taken to Muktidham, then that dog along with the crowd went to that Muktidham. The family members of the woman came home after performing her last rites. After two-three days, the family members of the woman found that the dog was not in the house, so they all set out to find that dog. Waiting for the arrival of the mistress. The family went there and made a lot of effort to bring the dog home. But the dog did not return home. When the woman was cremated, he was lying there without eating and waiting for the woman to come back. After a few days, his family again went to Muktidham and saw that the dog was now dead.

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During this corona epidemic, that dog proved what loyalty is. It is a slap in the face of those people who have remained the enemy of human beings during this pandemic.

“Strength in Unity” The Story of Four Oxen

Four bulls used to live in a forest. The four had a very close friendship. They used to do all the work together. The four bulls went to graze together, they slept together in the same house.

A lion also lived in the same forest. The lion did not like the friendship of those four bulls. He wanted to eat all four bulls by killing them. But due to the unity of those bulls, the lion could not harm them.

Once upon a time, when the four bulls were grazing in the field, suddenly the lion attacked a bull. But the other three oxen together ran and killed the lion and the lion ran away after saving his life.

Coming to his cave, the lion made a plan to divide the four bulls and kill them separately. First, he went to a bull and said- “Brother! It was my mistake that I attacked your friend. But you will be very surprised to know that your friends are cheating on you very much. They eat up all the green grass and keep dry grass for you.”

The same thing the lion said separately from the four bulls alone. In this way, the lion divided the four bulls. Now the four bulls started living in separate houses, started grazing in different fields, and broke friendships with each other. Due to the break of friendship, the unity between them also ended.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the lion killed and ate all four bulls one by one.

That is why it is said friends that there is a lot of power in unity. By staying organized, no calamity or calamity can spoil anything for you.

The Story of “The Fruit of Greed”

There used to be a hunter in some forest. He used to hunt many animals in the forest every day and sell them to support his family.

One day the hunter went hunting in the forest, but he did not find any prey. On his way back home in the evening, he saw a bear on the way. He attacked the bear with his arrow. The arrow went and entered the bear’s stomach. The bear started screaming loudly and swung hard toward the hunter and grabbed him and killed him and he also fell to the side and died.

After some time a jackal was passing by. He was very happy to see the bear and the hunter killed and started thinking in his mind that now arrangements have been made for the whole month’s food. But should I eat the bear first or the hunter?

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After thinking for a long time, that jackal, out of greed, first decided to eat the bow string made of leather. As he began to eat the string made of leather, the bow flicked and entered his jaw. Now the jackal started moaning loudly. But the end of the bow was badly stuck in his neck. After some time the jackal also died in agony and died there.

That’s why it is said that friends should not be greedy too. Because the result of greed is always bad.

fox and mouse story

Once upon a time, a fox was roaming in the middle of the snow-capped mountains for some hunting. After a lot of roaming, he could not find the victim. In the end, she gave up and started going like her cave. On the way she saw a mouse trapped in the snow, she went to him and took it out of the snow to eat. But seeing the innocent face of the mouse, the fox felt pity and left the mouse. The mouse started running away, and suddenly an eagle flying in the sky caught sight of the mouse and pounced on it to eat it. Seeing this, the fox got very angry, he ran and rescued the mouse from the clutches of the eagle.

Now the mouse also understood that the fox does not want to kill him but is helping him. Thinking of this, the mouse started living with the fox and both of them became close friends. The friendship grew in such a way that wherever the mouse went and there was any danger to it, the fox would save it. In this way, their friendship went on increasing, both of them lived together, played together, and went hunting together.

Story of a faker and cowboy

It is a very old issue. There lived a cowherd named Subodh in a village. He had many cows. Subodh used to tie bells around the necks of all those cows and used to tie the more expensive bells to those who were the most beautiful of them.
By tying a bell around the cow’s neck, it was beneficial that wherever the cow went to graze, Subodh would know how far away he was from the sound of the bell.

Once upon a time, Subodh was grazing his cows in a big pasture. Then a swindler came to him. He asked Subodh – what is the cost of the bell around the neck of that beautiful cow?

Subodh said to the person – I bought it from the market for 40.

The swindler said – If I give you 100 of this bell, will you give it to me?
Subodh did not think that in 100 I will get two hours and some money will also be saved. So he took out the bell from the neck of his beautiful cow and gave it to the swindler.

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After the bell came out of the throat, the cow went a long way while grazing, and Subodh did not know. At the same time, the thug was waiting. He went ahead and took that cow and took it with him and went away.

Subodh searched for his beautiful cow a lot but could not find it. In the end, he came home crying and told the whole thing to his mother and said – I did not know that the person was cheating me by giving me more money for the bell.

Subodh’s mother said- son! Now beware of a person who makes us very happy at first and later makes us very sad by swindling.

That’s why it is said friends that greed does not give us much happiness.

Funny story of a pig and two little friends

Rohit and Sumit were two good friends. One day he went to a town far away from the village to get some goods. When both were returning home with their belongings, it was quite dark and they lost their way.

While roaming around, they found a shelter after some time. The owner of the house gave them a place to sleep in a room. When the two friends were going to sleep, a voice came from outside the room – “Tomorrow morning is going to be a lot of fun because two children will be made Halal early in the morning and they will enjoy eating meat.”

Hearing his voice, Rohit and Sumit were blown away, they were very much scared and started talking among themselves saying – “The owner here is a very big killer. Now all of them together will kill us.”

Thinking this, he made up the idea of ​​running away from that house in the night itself. When they were running away from the house they found that the door of the house was locked. Now both of them got even more frightened and ran away and hid in the pig’s shed beside them.

It happened in the morning. The owner of the house reached the stable and said to his servant – go! Grab both the kids and bring them. Today is his last day.

Rohit and Sumit, who were hiding in the stable, came out crying and grabbed the feet of the owner of the house and said – “I do not want to die, please spare my life.”

Seeing this, the owner of the house said – why would I kill you guys?

Then Rohit said – you guys were talking at night, so we heard. You were talking about killing two children and eating them.

Hearing this, the owner of the house started laughing loudly and said that I was talking about two children of pigs. That’s what I call it. Why would I kill you guys?

Hearing this, Rohit and Sumit came to life and both he and they left for their home early in the morning.

The story of the arrogant lion

A long time ago, there used to be a very proud person in a forest. He was so proud of his strength that he used to kill small and big animals unnecessarily. Due to this act, the animals of the whole forest used to be very upset and after saving their lives, they used to spend their lives hiding here and there. Because not a single one of them used to walk in front of that lion. Whoever tried to hit that proud lion, that lion used to kill him.

Once upon a time, a deer was eating grass in the forest with its two children. Suddenly the proud lion came and killed both the deer’s cubs and started eating them. Seeing this the deer cried a lot and he said to that lion – in a way you have taken the lives of innocent people by misusing your power! One day it will come that you will keep pleading but no one will help you. Hearing this, the proud lion got very angry and killed that deer too.

The lion was on his way to his cave after killing the deer and its young, when suddenly he fell into a pit made by the hunters on the way. Now the lion started screaming loudly for help.

Many animals gathered on the bank of that pit, but everyone was aware of the behavior of that proud lion. No one helped the lion and all the animals laughed and left.

The next day the hunters came there and took the lion in the trap and took it to the city and after killing that lion sold its skin and meat in the market.

If the lion had not behaved violently with the animals of the forest, then perhaps all the animals together would have taken him out of the pit and his life would have been saved. But his pride took his life. Now after the death of the lion, the animals of that forest became very happy and started roaming freely in the forest.

The story of the naughty parrot and the elephant

The story is very old, a farmer bought a parrot from the market and kept it locked in a cage. The parrot used to be very upset and sad in the cage. He always wanted to be free from that cage and live freely in the forest, but he could not do anything even if he wanted to. One day as soon as the farmer opened the cage to give food to the parrot, immediately the parrot came out of the cage and flew into the sky, and went to the forest. In the forest, he used to fly with great pleasure, eating fruits and living his life freely. One day when he was eating mango sitting on a mango tree, he saw an elephant sleeping under the same tree. Seeing the elephant sleeping, mischief came into the mind of the parrot. He got down from the tree, pecking the elephant’s head, and flew away. When the elephant’s eyes opened, the parrot started making fun of him loudly. The elephant did not say anything and then started sleeping. Seeing him sleeping, the parrot then went to the elephant’s head and hit its beak. In this way, when the elephant went to sleep, the parrot used to hit its head. Disturbed by the parrot, the elephant sat down in a nearby pond and filled its trunk with plenty of water. Seeing the elephant sitting in the pond, the parrot went there and hit the elephant’s head with its beak. As soon as the parrot pecked on his head, the elephant immediately threw the water filled with its trunk at him. The parrot fell into the pond due to water injury and started drowning. Seeing the parrot drowning, the elephant got pity, he took out the parrot and left from there.

Now the parrot had realized his mistake, he was ashamed of his actions. Because even after troubling the elephant so much, he saved his life.

Story of the foolish jackal

There used to be a very violent life on the hills of Vindhyachal. He used to hunt elephants, buffaloes, donkeys, and many small and big animals in the forest. One day when the lion was going back to his cave after hunting, he found a very haggard jackal on the way. The jackal said to the lion with folded hands – O king of the jungle! I want to be your servant. If you make me your servant, I will serve you a lot and I will eat whatever is left by you.

The lion agreed and started behaving friendly with him. He would hunt in the forest and give the remaining meat to the haggard jackal to eat.

Gradually the jackal became thick and strong. Now he too began to consider himself as powerful as a lion. One day he said to the lion with pride and in a big figure – Oh brother lion! Today I will show you my strength by hunting a wild elephant. I will show you now that I am no less than you. Because the lion started considering him as his friend. So he also agreed.

The jackal ambushed an elephant from a high place and attacked the head of the elephant. But unfortunately, the jackal fell under the elephant’s foot and the elephant’s foot fell on it. As soon as he read the elephant’s foot, the life of the cigar flew away. In this way, the life of the jackal was lost because of his pride. That’s why it is said friends that more pride is harmful to us.

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