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How to start a paper bag business

How to start a paper bag business in a simple way

Paper Bags Making Business: Today many people want to do their own business. Because one person do not like to work under others, and other people want to earn more and more money. That’s why he likes to do his own business and thinks of doing his own business. So many businesses come to mind. But if someone sees a business that is in trend and the chances of it being successful in the coming time are very high, then one of the businesses which is the demand in the coming time is the business of making paper bags.

This business is the need of the hour because gradually plastic bags are being discontinued, and many states and countries are like this too. Plastic bags have been banned. And if this continues, then gradually plastic bags will be banned not only inside India but all over the world. Because plastic bags are not environment friendly.

And burning these causes a lot of pollution. If we do the same thing about paper bags, then it is adapted to the environment and is easily found in the soil, due to which there is neither pollution nor any harm. So if you want to do a paper bag business, then today we will give you complete information about the paper bag business like what is needed for a paper bag business and how to start this business.

Paper Bag Manufacturing Business Scope and Opportunity:

Paper bags are trendy and eco-friendly and are fast growing all over the world. And speaking of India, plastic bags have been completely banned in all metro cities of India, and even the municipalities of small cities are also banning plastic.

The demand for paper bags has increased with the establishment of shopping complexes and consumer stores in rural, semi-urban and urban areas. And paper bags are cheap and plays an important role in a clean environment and it gets stored easily. So, a paper bag manufacturing unit can be a profitable idea that gives a kick-start to your entrepreneurial career. There has been a significant increase in the use of paper bags as a general packaging material:

  • Shopping Mall.
  • stationery shops.
  • Grocery Store.
  • Vegetable shops.
  • Food stall.
  • Medical Store.

How to Start Paper Bag-Making Business

How to start a paper bag business
How to start a paper bag business

With the help of these steps, you can easily start the business of making paper bags. so let’s start

Paper Bag Manufacturing Unit Business Plan

To start a paper bag manufacturing unit, you need to deal with various tasks like manufacturing process, investment, location, raw material, registration, registration, and branding.

The capital required for paper bag production is a bit high but compared to its potential market rate it is the best business that can be started with good profits.

Study for a paper bag business

You must study the complete process of making paper bags. A thorough study gives you an idea about the size and strength of the market, production process, machinery, manpower, etc. It will also give you the risk factors in this unit.

Paper Bag Design

Firstly paper bags are used in excellent designer’s stores, malls, branded shops, etc with their logos and brand names. But after the Go Green movement, paper bags are widely used in malls, food marts, grocery stores, stationery stores, food stalls, bakeries, etc. Paper bags are available in smaller towns, so roadside vendors are also providing paper bags for carrying goods.

Paper bags are made from wrapping bags, newspapers, old magazines, etc. Paper bags come in many sizes, some popular sizes are –

Flat Paper Bag Size: 11cm/15cm, 13cm/19cm,17cm/22cm,21cm/25cm.

Gazetted Paper Bag Size: 8cm/12cm/12cm, 50cm/12cm/50cm.

Investment Required for Paper Bag Manufacturing Unit

Investment in a paper bag manufacturing unit requires two types of investment. Is a permanent investment that includes land, buildings, and machinery. If you have sufficient capital then you can take an investor loan. Working capital investment includes manpower costs, raw material costs, rent, and day-to-day operating costs. You can take a capital loan in the form of an overdraft or cash credit facility from all banks or financial institutions for working capital investment.

Paper Bag Business Financial Report

Paper Bag Making Business Project Financial Report

  • Plant Capacity: 15 lakhs.
  • Plant and Machinery: 14 lakhs.
  • Working Capital: 8 lakhs.
  • Total Capital Investment: 30 lakhs
  • Break Even: 47%

Choose a business location after making a complete financial plan

Paper Bag Business Location

Selecting the location for your manufacturing unit is an important step. When selecting a location you should consider several points before making a decision. The main thing you should consider when choosing a business location.

  • Select a place where all facilities (electricity, water, and adequate space) are available.
  • The location you choose should be close to the market, can reduce storage, and transportation costs, and sell your product easily.
  • Availability of machinery and manpower in that area.

The required registration process for the paper bag manufacturing unit

Once you have found the correct location, the next step is to select a name. The best idea to brand your product would be to start with the name. What is required to register your company before you start trading? You can contact the local company register for complete registration details.

  • For more details about registration, visit Ration Office and the proper form.
  • To obtain business registration with ROC, you must apply for the following:
  • Business license from the local municipal corporation.
  • industry aadhar number
  • GST Registration
  • BIS Certification

Raw Material for Paper Bag Manufacturing Unit

The raw materials required for the paper bag manufacturing unit are:

  • Paper sheet 40″*60″, 1800 sheets.
  • paper roll color and white 500 reams.
  • printing ink chemicals etc.
  • packaging consumable
  • Eyelets
  • tag for handle
  • polyester stereo etc.

You can find many manufacturers and distributors of paper rolls in local markets. You can even find wholesale dealers in markets where you can get one at a very reasonable price. Even many dealers will be available online. Select the best dealers among them so that you can get the product made at high quality at a low cost.

Machinery Required for Paper Bag Manufacturing Unit

Buy the proper equipment for making paper bags. List of some of the machinery required for making paper bags:

  • Testing Scale Machine
  • Roll Slitter Motorized Machines
  • creasing machine
  • Bag Cutting Machine
  • printing machines
  • Stereo Press and Stereo Grinder
  • Eyelet Fitting Machines
  • Lace Fitting Machines
  • punching machines

There is also much additional equipment available in that market which speeds up your production with higher quality.

Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process depends on the volume and weight of the paper bags to be carried. paper bag making

  • Paper cutting according to the estimated paper bag size by machine.
  • paper printing
  • Bag Making by Folding, Pasting, and Shearing Using Automatic Bag Machine
  • punching
  • Eyelet Fittings
  • Lace fitting

The paper bag-making process can be a semi-automatic or a fully automatic process depending on your production rate and investment.

Manpower for Paper Bag Manufacturing Unit

The manpower depends on the requirement and quantity of the bags you produce. You require manpower for operating, registering, and packing the machines. And you need some administrative staff, drivers, and security. For a small-scale paper bag manufacturing unit, you need 6 to 7 workers.

Paper Bag Marketing

A thorough marketing process takes you on the road to success. Implement a proper promotional process that can attract more customers to you. Paper is mostly used in shops, retail stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, bakers, and stationery stores. There are many ways to get customers for your business.

  • Look for potential customers who are still using plastic bags. Give full awareness to paper bags, and attract them with your complimentary bags. This may be the best process for acquiring clients.
  • Design some eye-catching business cards and distribute them to your circle and the business people you meet.
  • Design website and social networking pages. Social networking is the best marketing strategy to get your product to multiple customers.
  • Keep small stalls in malls, exhibitions, social events, etc. Distribute sample paper bags to reach customers.
  • Contact companies that are already promoting themselves as eco-friendly. They may consider taking their business to you.
  • Apply all the latest marketing trends to reach customers.

Paper bag manufacturing unit takes a lot of effort, time, and money. You need to implement the right business plan and proper execution of marketing strategies to get success. Though it is a bit tough, still there is a profitable business idea that can pull you a good amount of profit.

Where to Buy Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper Bag Making Machine is easily available in the markets. Not only this but this machine can also be easily purchased online. If you want to buy this machine then you can buy it from there by visiting or link


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